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Obtain an Investment Strategic service centres Industrial production Technology centres


Entities eligible for investment incentives


Industrial production

Business entities of any size wishing to enlarge their production capacity, to diversify their production by introducing new products, or to make a fundamental change in their production process. Both Czech-based companies and foreign companies setting...

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Technology centres

Businesses interested in developing their own research and development capacities are eligible to apply for investment incentives for technology centres. This relates to both Czech-based companies and foreign companies intending to set up their subsidiaries in the Czech Republic.

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Strategic service centres

A business intending to implement one of the following types of strategic services shall be eligible to apply for this type of investment incentive: A software development centre, a plant or a part thereof creating new or upgrading existing...

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Subsidies and public support

In 2015, the Czech Republic is going to launch the first calls of the new period of EU structural funds.  Through them, it will be possible to apply for support in the following areas:

  1. Investments in production technology
  2. Investments in research and development
  3. Development and education of employees
  4. Environmental investments

Investment project management

The implementation of a new investment is a complex project that involves many challenges and risks. 

The mastering of such a project requires both local knowledge and experience in project management. You can get both if you cooperate with a certified local project manager.

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Business analyses

To take a correct decision concerning a new investment requires a lot of information and data. These can include information on the labour market, production capacities, competition, marketing, infrastructure, etc.  The importance of this information increases namely in case you are entering a new environment or region. You can obtain this information from experts who are familiar with the local environment.  For more information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Public procurement and tenders

If you do business with clients from the public sector, or use public funding to finance your investment, the knowledge of public procurement conditions and processes is a must.  We can offer you help through our supporting services which include public procurement monitoring, preparation and administration of tenders and preparation and completion of bids. For more information please do not hesitate to contact us.